The Essential Guide to Car Maintenance Under the Bonnet

The Essential Guide to Car Maintenance Under the Bonnet

Car maintenance is pivotal in order to make it last longer. As you know that car is machinery, it needs to be check regularly for its proper functioning. If you ignore car check up for a long time, it may break down in the middle of your journey that will definitely trouble you. Hence, you need to follow a car service schedule regularly and do essential repairs of your car.

In this article, we’ll list down few important steps of car maintenance that every vehicle owner must follow in a routine.

Vehicle Fluids

There are various fluids that lubricate the machinery of the car so it can work smoothly. You need to make it part of your routine to check all the fluids of the car. Starting from transmission fluid, you should check engine oil, radiator liquid, and brake fluid and power steering liquid.


Many car problems occur due to old and poorly maintained battery. Never ignore to check your car’s battery because it may get low and becomes the reason your car not start on the road.

To avoid such problem, keep an eye on the low battery indication and if you frequently notice it, get the battery check by vehicle inspector. There may be low fluid level or swelling and leakage in the battery that is causing the problem.

Air Filter

In order to keep the car’s engine clean, cleaning of air filters is necessary. After every 12 months, you should replace the air filters that are located under the bonnet. Other than that, you should clean the air filters once in a month.

Spark Plugs

If you notice that your car’s performance is not smooth and also the engine is making noises, most possibly it could be because of defected spark plugs. Usually, the spark plugs are usable up to 60,000 miles it could be consumed before it depending on their type and condition. By changing spark plugs timely, you can achieve better fuel economy and quick engine start.


Last but not least, car brakes are crucial to the safety of the vehicle as well as passengers. Apart from checking the brake fluids, you need to get the brakes and rotors inspected whenever you find that brakes are not applying easily. Never ignore if you feel trouble applying brakes of the car.